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6 Tips for Getting More Marketing Mileage Out of Your Blogs By Maryanne Pope

Written by chayce

If you blog on a regular – or not so regular – basis for the primary purpose of marketing a business, product, message or service, are you getting the maximum mileage out of your blogs?


I am a writer and as much as I love writing blogs – and do so on a weekly basis – I don’t write them particularly fast. As such, I try to make sure that for the blogs I do write, I get the maximum mileage out of them… the most bang for my buck, if you will, because time is money.

So when I take the time to write and post a blog on my website, I want that blog to find its way to as many readers as possible. But if I simply post that blog, then walk away and pray to the Google Search Engine Gods to send readers to my site, I will be waiting a very long time. I still have much to learn about Search Engine Optimization.

In the meantime, here’s what I do:

1. I take the time to write a decent blog (750 words max) that conveys useful information to my target reader. This usually takes me three 30-minute writing sessions to get from idea to rough draft to edit and polish.

The time in between those three writing sessions (usually a day) does wonders to ensure the finished blog is clear and concise. Plus this way the writing process is, for me, more enjoyable.

2. I post the blog on my website.

3. Then I put the link to that particular blog into one (or more) of my e-mail campaigns. These e-mails go out to people who have specifically subscribed to receive them (i.e. not only have they given us permission to e-mail them on a regular basis, they actually want to hear from us).

4. We then go to town on social media (we use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to share the blog’s URL link.

But we don’t just post the title of the blog with the URL link. We will also pull a quote and/or a photo from the actual blog (and include the URL link). On Twitter, we’ll also use appropriate hashtags that reflect the blog’s subject matter/s.

In other words, we don’t just share the URL link on social media once. Rather, we share the link multiple times on different platforms – but use new and different tweets and posts (on multiple days) rather than simply repeating the same ones, which is very annoying to social media followers.

5. Depending on the subject matter of the blog, we will also often e-mail, or tweet directly to, one of our strategic partners whose readers/followers could benefit from the messages in that particular blog – to let them know about the new blog and invite them to post it on their website and/or share with their social media network.

6. Then, at a later date, I revise that blog and submit an updated version of it to When approved, they publish it on their website – but the bio at the bottom directs readers back to my business.

The key is to learn how to leverage your blogs so that you get the maximum marketing mileage out of each and every one. In my experience, I have found blogging to be an effective marketing tool for my writing – but the actual writing and sharing of my blogs can be very time-consuming. As such, having a strategy in place that ensures I am able to get multiple uses out of every blog has been extremely beneficial.

Maryanne Pope is the CEO of Pink Gazelle Productions and the author of the creative non-fiction book, A Widow’s Awakening. Maryanne also writes play scripts, screenplays and blogs and is a powerful inspirational speaker. For further details on A Widow’s Awakening and Maryanne’s other projects, please visit To sign up to receive Maryanne’s weekly inspirational blog, please visit

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